AR Applications - what are they?

AR Applications, or Augmented Reality Applications use the Augmented Reality technology to realistically overlay interactive, virtual content like 3D models, aminations or 2D graphics on top of the video feed from a mobile device's camera. AR technology augments the real world by displaying additional, virtual elements, realistically placed in the real-world space.

Popular internet communicators use AR filters to detect human faces and display funny masks and animations. One of the first widely popular AR apps was the Pokemon Go game. At CinematicVR we design and create AR applications for bussines purposes. We specialise in AR applications that use a product's label as a marker for displaying interactive and engaging content.

AR applications in business

We can create AR applications for Android and iOS devices. We made AR apps that "react" to a product label or packaging by displaying movie clips, animations, and even interactive 3D models and mini games. You just point your smartphone's camera at the label. The app detects it and displays the interactive content created by us encouraging the user to interact with the brand by learning something new, visiting a website or playing a game. We also created an interactive AR wheel configurator and AR app demo for museums.

The augmented reality technology has a wide range of applications. AR can be used in mobile apps in virtually every bussines, from simple, interactive mini-games for marketing purposes to apps for real estate, interior designers and automotive industry.

Our AR Applications

We created over 30 AR applications for B2B clients. Our app for PuppetsWar studio showcases one of the latest miniatures for tabletop wargames. Thanks to our augmented reality app, users can preview products by the wooden furniture manufacturer - The Beds Studio. Thanks to the realistic scale, you can check if the piece of furniture fits or whether it matches the design of your flat. During an event organised by WARTA S.A. Insurance and Reinsurance Company our AR app displayed various types of content, ranging from movies to 3D models, on special interactive posters.

Aplikacja AR Fox

AR vs VR

In short, using VR you feel transported to a different reality, because you loose contact with the real world by puting on the vr goggles. AR on the other hand enchances or augments the reality with additional, computer generated content. You don't need special equipment, you can play with AR with just a smartphone or tablet. Most of the modern mobile devices support AR already, which makes the entry threshold low compared to VR technology.

The user simply opens up the AR app which then lanuches the device's camera. Advanced algorythms analyze the video feed from the camera in real time in search for surfaces like floors, table tops, walls etc. You can place an interactive content on such surface. Due to the constant tracking and realigning the virtual surfaces to the real ones, the AR elements seem "glued" to and aligned with the real world. The app can also react to a predefined marker such as posters, photos, paintings etc. When a marker is detected, the AR app instantly displays a virtual object aligned with the marker. The user can move the mobile device around, but the AR object will always stay aligned with the marker. Than way, a mobile device becomes a window into the augmented reality.