360 movies

CinematicVR / 360 movies

Professional VR film production

360 Film (Spherical Film, VR Film) is our favourite VR medium and CinematicVR's specialty. VR blurs the line between reality and fiction, surrounds the viewer, evokes empathy and communicates emotions in a very realistic way. It's an immersive medium, which means one that strongly affects the viewer. Watching 360, one feels immersed and present in the fictional world. There's a strong sense of participating in the film.

Experienced Team

We use 360 films in marketing, to showcase and promote products, services and spaces since od 2014, which makes us one of the most experienced VR studios in Poland. Together with our partners we are responsible for over 70 professional, comercial VR projects, for clients such as VIVA, HBO, HP, Amundsen Vodka, The Polish Investment and Trade Agency, T-MOBILE and Mercedes Benz. We created an experimental Live-Action VR commercial for the city of Bydgoszcz. You can check out some of our projects in our portfolio. We use professional VR gear to capture engaging 360 footage.