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Colourful Heart of the World – Shopping Center AR App


Shopping Center AR app „Colourful Heart of the World” – educational AR game


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Shopping Center AR App – Colourful Heart of the World an interactive exhibition

Our latest mobile app „Colourful Heart of the World” is an interactive game with an AR module. We designed it thinking of visitors to Atrium shopping centres across Poland. The app invites the viewer to explore the entire facility using strategically placed QR codes to explore the world of wild animals and plants.

Learning through playing and engaging storytelling

By scanning the code, the user moves into a virtual world of wild animals and can face them head-on. What is more, each animal they meet will have a task for the player to complete. The guide through the AR Colourful Heart of the World is the enigmatic Klara, whose identity will only be revealed at the end of the game. In the app, we can also take a selfie with an animal and share it with friends via social media. The Colourful Heart of the World is not only fun and entertaining for the whole family. The app also has an educational aspect. You can learn why a ladybird has dots, why a peacock boasts a tail, and why a flamingo is pink, to name but a few. Once you have collected each animal, you can discover more about it by clicking on its profile.

How to use AR in marketing?

„VR and AR technologies effectively increase customer engagement and have a positive impact on building their relationship with the brand. From virtual fitting rooms, browsing through furniture or even artwork in one’s living room, to interactive mobile games in augmented reality, this creates new opportunities for marketers. The use of AR also taps into the trend of blending the online and offline shopping experience. AR features virtual entertainment while simultaneously encouraging the consumer to visit the shop or shopping centre in person. A campaign created in this way enhances the customer experience, providing a wide field for engaging storytelling. The marketers using such solutions record higher retention and campaign effectiveness,” says Małgorzata Steciak, Project Manager of the App.

European Solal Marketing Award 2022 Nomination

The app has been praised not only by shopping centre customers. It made it to the final round of the international European Solal Marketing Award 2022 competition. In addition, the app was named among the finalists of the PRCH competition in the Event of the Year category.

Work with us to create an innovative AR app to make your venue stand out and attract new customers. An AR mobile app created in this way offers an engaging experience for the whole family, taking events to a higher level of entertainment. The Colourful Heart of the World app will launch in twelve Atrium chain shopping centres throughout Poland.