VR training app for Oborniki Forest District


VR training app


Oborniki Forest District


VR App


HTC Vive Pro

The VR training app was developed at the request of the Oborniki Forest District – State Forests. Within the app prepared for the HTC Vive Pro headset, the user learns how to properly fell a tree with a hand saw and a harvester – a multi-purpose machine that cuts and splits the wood into smaller chunks. The participant of the training can see the inside of a harvester cab or grab a saw in his hands and start working as a logger. The order was carried out in cooperation with TRIAS AVI Ltd.

Oborniki Forest District wrote on their Facebook profile:

„Even a simplified virtual demo like this can highlight the differences in safety and comfort of machine logging (with a specialized machine) as compared to hand-machine logging using one of the most dangerous tools – the saw.”