Kamera VR - Insta360 Pro 2

What are VR applications?

VR apps are interactive applications designed for virtual reality (VR) goggles. There are many different VR devices on which you can display VR content. The simplest are cardboard goggles, in which you place your smartphone, the most advanced are VR systems that enable interaction with the virtual environment using special controllers.

VR apps in business

We create applications matching the our client needs for every VR system.  One of the easiest way to experiece VR requires smart phone combined with cardboard VR goggles. Flat screen of the phone becomes an engaging and entertaining space surrounding the user. This way via VR app we can present a perfectly reproduced, three-dimensional copy of a product or a space to the user. VR can also help us present and promote our services as well as train employees.

Interactivity and immersion in VR


We develop applications for all VR platforms, starting from simple mobile goggles to advanced VR systems that make full use of the marketing potential of virtual reality. We can enhance the immersion in the virtual reality by adding 3D graphics, animation and other interactive content.

We offer innovative VR applications for our clients. Our VR solutions are perfect in marketing, on the real estate market, in education, training
and entertainment. The VR application makes it possible, for example, to move freely around a 3D model of a real estate property, or to manipulate objects using special movement controllers; you can also learn while playing, using our Bike2VR interactive bicycle.

Kamera VR - Insta360 Pro 2
Kamera VR - Insta360 Pro 2

Developing VR app step by step

  • To develop VR application, we need to receive the 3D models from our client or create them by ourselves. The 3D objects are then optimized for display in virtual reality; we develop the proper animations and we program the possible interactions between the VR application users and the products or their components.
  • If the client has no 3D models of their products, we create them from scratch on the basis of references received from the client. In the case of other types of applications, we develop the scenario and select the proper VR system, and then we implement the customized VR Application, which meets the expectations of our client.
  • Next we create interactive scenario, choose optimal VR software and equipment and implement your personalized VR app.