VR applications

CinematicVR / VR applications

A modern way of showcasing products and services

We create apps for every VR platform, from the simple, mobile goggles to the advanced, high-end systems, that can fully utilise the marketing potential of virtual reality. An interactive VR application allows for use of 3D engines and graphics rendered in real time, animations, and interactive elements. This means you can interact with the app, use hand controllers to manipulate objects and even move around in the virtual world.

Interactivity and Immersion

Even the small, flat screen of a smartphone becomes the whole world around you when put inside of even the basic VR goggles. We can create the space that sorrounds you from scratch, or simulate an existing environment. We can showcase a precisely modeled, interactive, 3D copy of a product or a space. You can walk around and inspect a 3D model of any real estate, inspect products from every angle, and combine training with fun while using apps like our Bike2VR.