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VR Production Studio

CinematicVR is an experienced VR and AR Production Studio. We are one of the Polish VR pioneers, creating 360 videos and VR apps since 2014. We create VR and AR content for marketing and training purposes.

360 Video

Promote your business using engaging, and innovative 360 videos


A new VR film format, ideal for streaming and shooting events

VR apps

Create an interactive VR application showcasing your products and services

AR Apps

Transport users to Augmented Reality with the help of a smartphone

VR Live-Streaming

Live-Stream sports, concerts, plays and other events in VR

VR Training Apps

Use interactive VR training scenarios to boost training efficiency engagement

A wide variety of innovative services.

Thanks to VR and AR we can create marketing campaigns based on high quality content and personalised, immersive storytelling. We build experiences which trigger positive emotions, boost engagement, and make a lasting impression on the user.

VR video


We are an immersive 360 VR videos and 180 VR videos production company. VR is perfect tool to present your company, product or services in innovative and engaging way. We offer professional and complex VR production. We shoot in multiple formats, up to 8K  resolution. Our services include script consultations as well as VR training for our clients. CinematicVR helps you choose VR goggles, necessary equipment and VR technology best suited to your needs. 


VR apps


We create interactive VR apps, that help you present your services and products in innovative way. We have experience in developing wide variety of applications that best serve needs of our clients – marketing, educational and training apps as well as interactive VR games and product catalogues. Get to know VR and try solutions, that will help your employees learn faster and more effective. Create unforgettable VR experiences for your clients.

AR apps


We create interactive augmented reality apps for every AR platform. We specialize in AR apps which display interactive content after the user scans a product's label with a smartphone.  AR's entry threshold is relatively low compaired to VR -  all you need to fully enjoy augmented apps is just your smartphone. Engage your target group to connect with your brand via interactive content, use augmented reality creatively in your marketing strategy.

Agencja VR - Aplikacje szkoleniowe VR

VR training apps


We offer realistic, immersive VR training apps, which help your employees learn faster, and reduce the costs of workforce training.  Studies show that VR helps to boost the information retention compaired to a traditional training.  Our VR training apps help your eployees improve both hard and soft skills. We use various interactive tools, speech recognition included, to create engaging, entertaining and efficient VR training for our clients. 

End-to-end VR and AR content production.

CinematicVR is an experienced VR and AR production studio. The new media landscape is evolving. We use state of the art, interactive and immersive tech. We consult projects, research and develop cutom solutions if necessary, and create engaging experiences.

The Idea

We like to be involved early and create a concept that will utilise the full potential of VR and AR.


At this stage we create the custom, interactive VR/AR marketing or training tool for you.


We will comprehensively implement the the VR/AR solution for you. E.g. we will buy the goggles, install the VR app and train you how to use it.

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