CinematicVR / VR180
Z Cam K1 Pro VR180 Camera
Z Cam K1 Pro VR180 Camera

A new VR film format

VR180 is a new, film format in virtual reality adopted by Google. It's another type of immersive content you can watch in VR goggles. We produce VR180 content using the best camera available on the market, compatible with the Google VR180 standard - The ZCam K1 Pro. As the name suggests a VR180 camera can record footage with the 180°, wide angle lenses, which means it can see just a half of what a regular 360 camera can.

A half of a sphere

Why? It's quite simple. Full spherical image is not alwasy necessary 🙂 180° is a quite wide field of view, and a quite big portion of reality imaged by the camera too. Moreover, this format captures a uniquely realistic and comfortable 3D depth, which further enhances the feeling of immersion and realism of the live-action VR content or livestream. It's ideal everywhere where a traditional 360 3D capture is not viable, is easy and fast to produce and postproduce. It has all the benefits of a Live-Action VR medium, without the hustle of a 360 production, and is ideal for recording sporting events, concerts and every scenarios where the action happens in front of you, e.g. on a stage.