VR Video – 360 and VR180 Video Production Studio

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What is VR Video?

360 Video (Spherical Video / Live-Action VR) is a type of virtual reality content produced with a special kind of cameras. VR cameras have at least two (usually six, sometimes more) built in, wide-angle lenses, each of which covers a different portion of 360 degree field of view. Every lens looks at a different part of the sphere. I’ts during the postproduction that we combine (stitch together) the different fields of view into one spherical VR image.

Create a 360 video with us

The form and the language of the  video medium is well known to both, the business clients and the end users. VR technology adds a whole new dimention to the old good marketing video. It blurs the line between fiction and reality, surrounds the viewer, and evokes strong emotions. Just like every other VR medium, the VR video is immersive by definition. You are encouraged to interact with the content by looking around. You feel immersed, just like you were there.

CinematicVR – the VR Video pioniers

We use 360 video in marketing to showcase and promote our clients’ products, services and real estate since the year 2014, which makes us one of the most experienced VR production studios in Poland. Our team is responsible for over a 100, professional VR video projects for clients such as, HBO, HP, Mercedes-Benz, Amundsen Vodka, Polish Investment and Trade Agency, T-MOBILE and many others. We use pro VR film equipment and the latest VR postproduction tools.  

How to use VR video in marketing?

VR video is a relatively simple, but powerful marketing tool. There’s no better way of showcasing a place or a product to a client than transporting him to that place or in front of that product with the help of VR. It’s the next best thing to actually being there. You don’t need to create a special VR app to create a virtual reality marketing campaign. You can produce a VR film. It’s great for:

  • real estate
  • factories, production halls and industrial buildings
  • marketing regions, cities and tourist attractions

VR Video vs VR apps

With 360 Video you can showcase a place, like a hotel or a factory floor, you can also tell an engaging and interactive story, just like with a traditional video. The user can watch the VR content and freely look around, but can’t change what he sees. Interactive VR films are in fact VR apps that consist of several VR clips the user can interact with. On the other hand VR applications are rendered in real time using a 3D engine, and allow the user for more interaction with the VR content, e.g. choosing the way the story unfolds, picking up and manipulating objects or in some cases even walking aroudn the virtual environment.

VR video using VR goggles

We produce all our VR video content with the the VR goggles in mind. It is the best way to experience any VR content, and the only way to fully utilise it’s potential. We create high quality 360 content and postproduce it so that it matches client’s VR system. Users’s comfort is our top priority. With that in mind we produce safe and comfortable VR experiences and take extra care especially with stereoscopic (3D) content. We ofer custom, branded movie players for every kind of VR goggles.

360  video on social media

Although VR goggles are the ultimate VR viewing devices, there are other methods too. You can share and watch 360 video content on Facebook, Vimeo and YouTube. On social media platforms you can interact with spherical video by using your mouse and keyboard, or by swiping your finger on a touch screen. You can also move around your  gyroscope-enabled mobile device to use it as a window into the 360 video.

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