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AR mobile app „Lithuania Minor


Museum of Folk Architecture – Ethnographic Park in Olsztynek


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Lithuania Minor – AR mobile app

AR app at the Museum

The AR app takes the user through an interactive journey along the traces of the old buildings in Lithuania Minor. This is a historical region of former Prussian lands populated by Lithuanian-speaking people, located in the northeastern part of Prussia. As part of the project, we have digitally recreated four historical buildings which previously existed on the grounds of the Museum of Folk Architecture – Ethnographic Park in Olsztynek.

Virtual tour of the region’s historical sites

QR codes have been spread throughout the museum. By scanning each of them, we can view 3D models of buildings that no longer exist – fragments of the buildings of the Pempen Homestead or the Gilge fisherman’s cottage. Thanks to augmented reality, we can peek into every nook and cranny of the buildings, see old farm equipment, and imagine what daily life looked like for the region’s former inhabitants.