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VR and AR solutions for businesses and institutions

We will help you utilise interactive and immersive technologies in marketing and training. The Metaverse is waiting 🙂

Our services

Interactive movies

VR Films

Present your business, spaces, products or services with engaging and interactive 360 and VR180 films. We can create a VR film for you for marketing purposes or workforce training.

Innovative technology

VR Apps

Create an interactive VR app with us and present your products or services in virtual reality. Use it during expos, events or meetings with the clients and partner. Create interactive VR training scenarios.

Wide availability

AR Apps

Use augmented reality to engage your users. Let them experience more with AR. AR can enhance the experience of visiting a museum, a shopping center, a tourist site or a whole city.

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Experienced XR Agency

CinematicVR is a creative XR Agency and one of the most experienced teams of VR and AR creators in Poland. We create interactive and immersive XR solutions using for business clients for marketing and training purposes.

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Our latest projects

  • Voivodship Labour Office in Rzeszów – VR training apps and videos

    Voivodship Labour Office in Rzeszów – VR training apps and videos

  • Wawel Dragon AR App

    Wawel Dragon AR App

  • Colourful Heart of the World – Shopping Center AR App

    Colourful Heart of the World – Shopping Center AR App

  • AR filter – Apokawixa experience

    AR filter – Apokawixa experience

  • Metaverse Experience – Triumph

    Metaverse Experience – Triumph

  • Lithuania Minor AR mobile app

    Lithuania Minor AR mobile app

  • The Wooden Architecture Trail VR

    The Wooden Architecture Trail VR

  • Web AR App “Girl & Dragon”

    Web AR App “Girl & Dragon”

We worked for:

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Ergo Hestia
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Choose the most suitable solution:

VR presentation

A broad cathegory of VR apps ranging from 3D product presentation to showcasing tourist attractions of places and regions. It can be an interactive, virtual product catalogue or a VR film tour of a company, presenting an assembly line.

VR training

VR allows you to realistically simulate a tool, machine, environment or a whole workflow. The users can work with the virtual objects, following the real-world guidelines and procedures and train their muscle memory. It allows for simulating dangerous situations and HSE training.

Soft skills training

VR is perfect for simulating contact with another person and training soft skills required for customer service, assertiveness, conflict deescalation, etc. It can be used for managerial staff training as well as various Equality & Diversity Training scenarios.

VR training system

We developed our own VR Interactive Training System which utilises a VR app and a web CMS for creating and editing interactive VR training scenarios and managing the training process. With the help of our CMS you can also add users, attach training scenarios, and evaluate progress.

Lookroom VR

Our custom VR solution for the fasion industry. It allows you to easily digitize your products and showcase them in a VR app. It combines a VR app which uses VR180 format for presenting products and a web CMS for managing products and collections.

Mobile AR game

An interactive mobile game for iOS and Android. It allows for enhanced, interactive experience of visiting a museum, a shopping mall or a city by introducing AR elements and gamification. It motivates the user to explore the space in search of additional, interactive content.

Animation / AR Filter

A branded AR filter available on Instagram, Messenger or TikTok. We can also create a 3D animation which will display on top of a product’s label after you point your smartphone’s camer at it or animate a poster, mural or a painting.

Metaverse – like

A web-based quasi-metaverse app available on desktop and mobile devices. It lets you virtually explore a digital space (or a digital twin of a real location), create a virtual event, meeting or product launch or presentation. No VR or AR gear is needed – everything is available online from a web browser.

Didn’t find what you were looking for?

No problem! We create custom solutions and provide XR R&D services. We can create a talor-made VR / AR content for you, just tell us what you need.

What can we do for you

VR Films

We create engaging VR 360 films and VR180 content, thanks to which you will present your company, product or service in an innovative and memorable way. We offer professional and comprehensive VR film production. We deliver 8K, stereoscopic quality in every VR format. We provide scenario consultations and training and advise on how to choose the technology and goggles that will best suit your needs.

Agencja VR Filmy 360
Agencja VR Aplikacje VR

VR Applications

We create interactive VR applications, thanks to which you will present your services and products in an innovative way. We prepare applications tailored to the needs of our clients – from marketing and training content to interactive games and product catalogs. Let yourself be carried away by the magic of VR and reach for solutions that will provide your clients with unique emotions and experiences.

AR Applications

We produce interactive AR applications for all augmented reality platforms. We specialize in applications that display interactive content after scanning the product packaging. AR is a technology with the so-called the lowest entry threshold – in most cases, a smartphone is enough to use it. Engage your customers in an interactive response with your brand that will give them an unforgettable experience.

Agencja VR Aplikacje Szkoleniowe VR

VR Training Applications

We offer realistic, immersive VR training apps that will help your employees better remember what they learn in an interesting, engaging way. According to experts, training based on virtual reality technology is much more effective than training based on traditional methods of transferring knowledge. Our solutions work well in both hard training and the so-called. soft, using speech recognition tools.

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