Metaverse Experience – Triumph


A’la metaverse experience as a part of „Comfort My Way” campaign


Triumph / Yellow Events

Interactive showroom – metaverse experience

For Triumph’s „Comfort My Way” campaign, we designed an interactive web experience. We created an interactive showroom that takes you into the world of the Triumph brand, allows you to participate in immersive workshops and see the brand’s newest collection in an engaging new way.

Metaverse experience - Triumph

Metaverse Experience – a virtual product catalogue

The experience is guided by a narrator who takes the user through the subsequent stages of the experience. The showroom includes two interactive spaces which hide a number of interactive points, the so-called points of interest. While going through the experience, visitors can find interesting facts about fashion and design. The participants also participated in a quiz which helped them choose which of the three prepared workshops would match their needs and personality best.

In support of the project, we also created a virtual product catalogue. Over a dozen of the brand’s products were digitised using 360-degree image technology, and we then implemented them into the experience so that users could see the product from all sides. Check out our Metaverse experience for Triumph here.

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